Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why Magick works

First off, it doesn't always and even when it does, it sometimes works in its own way rather than the way you intended.

However, if you are doing it properly I feel it should work more often than not.

So, what are the keys to effective Magick?

Essentially intent,willpower, and the ability to clearly visualize.

You have to be able to focus your will and be clear about what you want and need. Then, you need to be able to strongly visualize the results of your working, whether it be a ritual or spell.

Workings driven by true need/desire and a strong ability to visualize the desired outcome will always be more effective than work done frivolously or with no real intent.

This is why meditation, self-development, and various other techniques play a central role in most magickal systems.

It is also necessary to give a spell a way to manifest itself in the material realm. It does little good to work a spell to get a job if you don't also look for a job or take interviews, for example.

Magick can help with many things, but it won't do all the work for you, nor can it truly create something from nothing.